About Me and Miss Tay

When my husband and I were trying to have our daughter. I found myself bored and drifting. So I started a Double Diploma.

When I was pregnant with her I felt restricted because I’d been nothing but a full-time mother with the occasional job at McDonalds. I knew I would be unappealing to anybody hiring in jobs I would actually love to hold.

When she was six months old I decided I needed to take things in hand so I had an idea. I could work for myself.

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but, I needed direction. I hunted easy money and failed so I thought and began to awaken my hidden desires.

I always wanted to write. As an eight-year-old, there were two answers for the “what do you want to do when you grow up” one was my secret the other was to write. I wrote stories and poems all the time. Not that anyone saw them.

It became my release.

So now I had a baby, a ten-year-old and a limited amount of funds so I began thinking about what I could do. It needed to be from home as child care wasn’t a viable option.

So I started a professional writing course. Because then I could write on a professional level while I wrote on a personal one in my spare time.

During the phone call to organise my second course, my mentor mentioned having to write a blog and I thought. OMG! Why didn’t I think of that??? I registered a business name and I bought a domain name and now I have

Me and Miss Tay.

Now, what could I write about! I researched and noticed that beauty and lifestyle blogs were the most shared and everyone seemed to have at least three on their favourites lists.

So I figured “ok! I can do that it’ll be easy!!”

It’s not!

I’ve never really been one to wear the most fashionable styles, I don’t have a house that belongs in a magazine, and I don’t spend my husband’s paycheck on New Makeup every week. So trying to maintain a beauty blog was almost impossible. But during this time I noticed my most liked and followed blogs are the ones that were more Mummy oriented.

I had previously thought about being a mummy and mummy life blogger but felt I couldn’t do that. What do I have to offer mummies?

It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I thought

“How crazy!! I’ve been a mum for twelve years now! It’s the longest job I’ve ever held. I was a teenage mum, I was a jobless mum, I was an IVF mum, I’m the mum that my friends seek information from! How is it that I believe that I don’t have anything to share?”

I breath being a mum, it’s the only thing I’ve wanted to do! It’s been my desire since before I could remember. Being a mum! I’m doing this so I can write about it.

So now, Me and Miss Tay is taking a new turn! I’m becoming a mummy blogger. I’ll be sharing all my stories! My IVF journey, my past misadventures, the challenges and prejudice I faced as a teenaged mum, relationship issues, mummy hacks, being an ASD mum, balancing life and mum. I will also be share tips and hints, how to’s and where to’s, products and experiences all that I am will now become Me and Miss Tay.

 Basically, I want to share all those things I wished someone had shared with me.

And, honestly, I can’t wait!

I’m hoping this blog can be used as a guidebook. I want you to feel free to ask anything and be confident that You are getting nothing but the truth from me. I hope you will stick with me and I hope that I cover all that you want. But please if I don’t cover something. Ask me too and I’d be happy to try and share with you.

Anyway. I applauded you if you have reached this far in this post and I thank you most of all. It takes a lot of courage to put myself in your hands in such away and it wonderful people like you that make it worth the stress.

Thank you again so much