About Me and Miss Tay


I’m Taominx and welcome to Me and Miss Tay.

Me and Miss Tay is my baby, well one of …  I created Me and Miss Tay as a way to engage myself with the written word. You see I have always wanted to be a writer and creating a blog seemed like a great way to start my journey. It helps that the Professional Writing and Editing course I am trying to complete requires me to have a blog.

Me and Miss Tay’s post are of me sharing bits and pieces of my life and products that make an impact. Generally, these are beauty and baby related. I’d love for this blog to become large and successful, but, after a year I am still trying to learn just how to do that. As a consequence, my posts are unpaid, uninfluenced and unpolished. I will always share when a post includes somebody else. I believe that all writers should, maintain complete transparency when sharing a product and idea. So if I have been asked to write a post for someone; I will always tell you. If a post involves an affiliates link; you will always know.

Now more about me

I am a busy Mother of two and a student looking for a full-time job, believe me, it’s very stressful. My son is twelve and he is Autistic, My daughter is two and an IVF success story. I married my best friend, not in the cute romantic my partner is my best friend way. I met him when I was fifteen and we were best friends until we got together when I was seventeen. I am now thirty! we constantly tell everyone that we are friends more than husband and wife.

We live in outback Australia with our FIVE dogs, yup five! we own two Kelpies, a Beagle, and two Boxer crosses. We have three cats, a snake and a rabbit. I have been looking for administration jobs as I have just finished my Double Diploma in Business Admin and Management and Leadership. My life in two paragraphs how…simple.

anyway, thank you for taking an interest in Me and Miss Tay and I hope to see you around in the future.







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