Welcome to Me and Miss Tay

A space for Mothers, Change makers, and Journey takers

Motherhood, raising resilient kids, and career.

From being a woman, a mother, an individual to taking control of our lives and identities. Women have struggled to find balance for the beautiful, magical, wondrous time that is motherhood – carving out successful careers, battling our internal misogyny and accepting our sexuality, sexual rights and adopting body positivity.

Starting right from birth, we’ve learned at the feet of our elders and adopted roles, accepted the unacceptable, strived for excellence in a world stacked against us and internalised abuses that we haven’t even identified.

Now, we can learn to accept our inherently flawed and eternally blessed bodies, minds and spirits. Embrace our sisters and mothers and fight for our right to be seen.

So, Welcome to Miss Tay and Me. A place to grow, to connect, to learn and share as one. A place where we can be comfortable. A place to be ourselves. A place to embrace our self and learn how to be better humans so that our little humans can make magic happen.

Predominately, my blogs will be about parenting, relationships, sexuality, self-discovery and wellness. The blogs shared here are my own experiences and personal research. Moments and experiences others have shared with me and my discoveries as we journey through this life together. I aim to build Miss Tay and Me into a haven for mothers fighting for their inner health, to provide a sanctuary I never found.

If you’re still here and you’re still interested, I want to share with you (briefly) how I got here.

I began my journey of self-discovery the day my daughter was born. As I held her against my breast, I felt a wave of fear and anxiety wash over me, and I promised my daughter she would learn to trust her voice, control her own body, and define her way of living. The same day I promised to teach her how it was all done.

A large promise from a woman bearing the mental, physical, and metaphorical weight of motherhood, scars of past transgressions, and the trauma of her life before hand.

I had no idea how to do any damn part of it.

I looked high and low for women that felt the same. And I found them. I found them in my friends, I found them in blogs, I found them in my colleagues. There were so many. And every one of them felt alone. They felt overwhelmed. They felt trapped in roles and expectations they didn’t fit in. They suffered through shame and gaslighting when they tried to move around. They were being reprimanded for exploring their worlds and all I could think was ‘I see you, I hear you, I want to know you, can I stand there with you?’

And if you are her. Please stay, please share, and most of all, please keep growing, changing and loving.

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