Mummy Needs a Makeover!!!!

So, for the last year, this mummy has been just that! A mummy. I’ve put everything on hold. Eaten whatever when I was gifted five seconds alone. I have Showered at four in the morning because everyone else was asleep then, it was a magical time; so quiet!

 I’ve Spent three days wearing the same pyjamas because the family was sick and I was run down.

No more desire for the gym or for healthy eating, I had no time to be organised. No more beauty regime because the same second I sit to pluck, primp or pamper. The baby needed a bath, the nappy exploded, and all because mummy’s addled brain had put full cream milk in her tea instead of the lactose free milk.

        Finally, yes, Finally. The baby is now a year old.


Mummy can find herself again. Unfortunately, mummy needs new beauty products because hers have been destroyed, thrown out, or grown extra things. No to mention the hormones and lack of appropriate diet having washed out caused break outs on mummy’s skin

       Did I mention motherhood is a magical time??

     So, as my title says, mummy needs a makeover.

 Come, join! Let’s explore the world of skincare, makeup, hair care and all things pretty.

Me and Miss Tay




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