Trefiel Hydrating Masks: Incredible and Affordable!

I always get excited when my Bella Boxes arrive.

I mean, who wouldn’t!?

 All those new and exciting products to try…. it’s heaven.

It’s the simple things in life, after all, that can change the outlook of your day.

A cup of coffee, a good book, a holiday on a beach or a Bella Box delivery.

Even a piece of chocolate!

Well, this month’s boxes were especially satisfying. Not only because I’ve missed the last six months’ worth, but, in this month’s box….. a beautiful gem that this mummy was in desperate need of………  A hydrating face mask.  That feeling of contentment and peace everyone seeks. That’s what a good face mask brings.

Trefiel hydrating face mask!

(insert squeal and jig here.)

My skin has taken a beating this last year, between bad diet, no sleep, and no time for pampering. My skin was beside it’s self in desperation for relief.

So I pondered this amazing find, questions running through my mind.

Was it a good brand? (I had never heard of it!)

Was it going to work? (One can only hope.)

Was it tested on animals? (I hope not)

Will the chemicals be too harsh on my skin? (eeeeekk!)

I didn’t know the answers, but gee I was excited to find out!!

About the product!

Trefiel Hydrating masks are gorgeous!

blog Trefiel.png
It would slip every time I smiled.

 Each mask has a lace design that belongs at a masquerade ball. Its elegant and sophisticated……. just all round fun.

Its plant based and magic (at least I believe its magic) the hydrating gel starts working instantly and you can feel it!!!!!

They are cruelty free and, YES!!! Pregnant mums can use them. There are no harmful chemicals in these masks.

How to use!!

It’s simple!

 After removing the Mask from the foil packet, separate it from its backing and shape to your face. It comes in two parts, so no worries you didn’t break it.

Overlap the two parts for the best results, or if you’re like me, to actually fit your face.

You  have to love the excess. 🙂

The masks are very slippery and take a minute to stop sliding off your face (sounds scary, but it just needs to start being absorbed). Just relax in bed, or your tub, while the mask works and no worries.

Leave the mask on for 15 – 30 minutes and enjoy.

When the time is up, DON’T wash your face. The hydrating gel continues working after you remove the mask.

The Results!!

Speak for themselves!

blog Trefiel results.png

My skin was smoother looking and felt softer than it has in a loooong time. Even my husband was enamored with the feel of my skin.

I left the mask on for 30 minutes and I couldn’t believe it! It just looks so much better.

I do believe I’m in love and am quite happily going to subscribe to a pamper package.

Where Can I Get One??

Trefiel are an Australian Company based in Melbourne, Vic. They offer free shipping (Australia Only) they only ship to USA, New Zealand and Europe so far ( no doubt that will change).

You can buy a single mask for AU$9.95

Or in pamper packages of 5 x Hydrating Masks for AU$39.95

Or 10 x Hydrating Masks for AU$69.95.

These packages are a monthly Subscription!

Would I recommend Trefiel Hydrating Masks?

Yes, yes I would!

 My experience with Trefiel left my skin looking and feeling great. Even two days later my skin feels incredible.

Trefiel have only been around since October 2015, but they have created a product to last. It’s a quality product with amazing results for an incredible price.





I am in no way affiliated with these brands, the above are based on my opinions, experience and research.

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