How to Take Great Newborn Photos Using Only Your iPhone.

iPhone Professional Photo

So you’ve finally had that little bundle of joy and now you want to share them with the world!  But, how do you get a photo that paints you as a supermodel instead of a sleep-deprived zombie?

You know the ones!

Mummy sitting pretty all clear-eyed, smiling brightly. Baby looking calm, chubby and completely adorable. The photo so clean you could almost swear that they were sitting in front of you the whole time!

Yup, those photos!

Sometimes you can fluke it but mostly it takes several shots to get that one perfect picture. So many people will just shrug and say “I just had a baby! Who cares how I look?”

Well, just because you’re a parent now doesn’t mean you can’t look as awesome as you feel. I have so many pictures of me and my children. I still regret that so many pictures have me as a frumpy dumpy housewife (nothing against housewives. I’m one myself) So, why not put your best foot forward… or in this case best face!

Don’t stress the photos are easy even if it does take time, But that’s why they created the “burst” shot. They are so easy, in fact, You can even use your phone!

So how do you do it?

For Mum and Dad

Always start with a shower!

I know! It’s so simple and regular that you’ll probably be thinking.

“But why are you mentioning this?”

I bring this up because it’s so easy to forget to have a shower when you have a newborn (one of those things that nobody ever tells you can happen) A shower will set the mood for your photos. You will feel clean, clear-headed, and just so wonderful.

Wear comfortable clothing!

This point is probably self-explanatory too, but being in clothes that are uncomfortable will deteriorate your photo happy self very quickly. So aim for something chic and comfortable. Abiding by this rule will also help if the photo session takes longer then you think. (It will because of it so much fun).

Go for a natural look! 

Don’t give yourself dramatic makeup (unless of course, that’s your thing)

Go for a minimalist look. The aim is to look soft and maternal not like a fierce party girl. You want to make the other mums swoon at your natural glow and pristine skin.

“Show me your best side”… so important.

Everyone has one.

Just look at the way you align your selfies. You are naturally inclined to shift into a position that makes you look spectacular.

And even if you don’t feel like it. Standing up straight will make you look healthy, happy, and will stretch those beaten joints and muscles.

If you get this right your body will also look leaner and meaner.

For Baby 

Make Sure Baby is Clean and Full.

A new nappy and a full tummy will make baby sleepy. Keep her warm (or him) and they will be easy to pose and work with to get that perfect shot. Comfort your bundle through the whole experience and you’ll be smiling at the end.

Dress Baby in the Cutest Outfit! 

Have fun with this!

Baby boy will look adorable dressed in suspenders

Baby girl will look priceless in a tutu



 They are classics for a reason. Just have fun with it! There are so many stores online that sell the perfect outfits for the photos. I always favoured Ruffle bums!

My favourite stores are With love 4 kids and La Sienna Couture.

Pinterest and Instagram are great for finding amazing handmade outfits for Bub or even inspirations for your photoshoot.

The Picture! 

Like I said these photos can be captured on your phones or smart device. No need for you to spend thousands on a brand new camera. You can get some amazing apps for iPhone and Android.

I have an iPhone and I use camera+ you can set this camera to burst mode and it will catch shot after shot. Be careful though it’s slow in burst mode so if you move before it’s finished it will capture some great blurs or ground shots.

I tend to get frustrated with it so I just continually tap the capture button.

The light!

You need the best, cleanest light. This step is important the better the light the better the picture. A good rule of thumb is later mornings (about 10 am) this time of day limits the shadows cast by your chosen backgrounds and lightens up the star of the picture. (That being bubba bundle and you!)

The background!

You want a background that is minimalistic. This keeps you and your baby as the main focus. A blank wall is always good or use a nice outside setting such as a park. Just make sure to keep the background “quiet”.

After the Photoshoot! 

Once you’ve spammed the capture button a great editor is recommended (you don’t have to. Sometimes the perfect shot needs no editing)

I use Snapseed to edit my photos (again another smartphone app). You can control almost all aspects of the picture. Like I said sometimes the best shot to use needs no editing but others may need something as simple as a crop.

And post!

Post your favourites on your social media sites or print them off for your loved ones and just wait for the compliments and praise.

These are some of my favourites I took with my phone!

Miss Tay was 3 days old in this picture and had her first fill of breast milk.
Miss Tay was 1 month and just received her first Ruffle Bum outfit.  The outfit is a Made with Love 4 Kids Ruffle bum.
Two Months old and loving the camera. This outfit is Made with Love 4 Kids
Two months old and Cheeky. This outfit is Made with Love 4 Kids
Miss Tay is so photogenic it’s crazy. This outfit is Made with Love 4 Kids
October 2015, Naming day dress and flowers, 4 months old. This Dress is a La Sienna Couture outfit.
Seriously loved the fake flowers.  Outfit By Made with Love 4 Kids

Love Taominx

These are helpful hints only and I cannot be held responsible for any failed attempts
There are no affiliate links in this  Blog

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