Nappy Rash Creams: Which One?

It’s hot these days, and with the heat comes a lot of problems when you have kids. Some are superficial like sticky fingers, and swimming pool visits. Others are not as nice like rashes.

When you have kids you learn pretty quickly that rashes and kids are very common. Most aren’t a concern some are worrisome and some linger like an uninvited guest.
In the last month or so our house has been plagued with nappy rashes.
So what a better time to start trial different creams than right now!
So below you will find comparisons and treatments for nappy rashes.

The Product!!!

A common staple to new mums Bepanthen comes highly recommended and highly endorsed. What we must consider though is it highly recommended because of its ability to aid in healing or is it recommended because it’s so readily available?

Another highly recommended cream, and one I’ll admit I use quite readily. So does this cream outlast and out treat nappy rash?

Curash isn’t a brand I use without trepidation, I’ve found plenty of issues with plenty of Curash products. But I maintain that it’s still a viable treatment for some babies…..Just not mine……usually.

This cream is actually a new one on me I’d never actually heard of it before Bellabox sent it out in a Bella baby box. I now have two tubs of it and plenty of nappy time left that I feel it will not be wasted.

About the products!!!

Bepanthen Nappy treatment is a solid product that you can use quite well and it will aid most healing. It creates a water proof barrier between the delicate bubba skin and the harsh wet nappies. Bepanthen contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which aids in healing and repair.

Sudocrem is a product my family use almost to the exclusion of others, not that it hasn’t failed us in the past. It’s a great product that has a great amount of uses being as not only is it a nappy Rash cream but it helps eczema and dry skin. It’s main ingredient is Zinc Oxide.

Curash is probably my least favourite on the list. I have, however, found need and use for the Cream. Curash has aloe Vera in it and becomes clear so it’s a little difficult to ensure full coverage. It’s great for extra sensitive skin types.

Dermaveen is a new product in my household and I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised. It’s use on my daughter, however, yields surprising results. It contain Zinc oxide and natural colloidal oatmeal.

None of these creams have an offending smell and all are well packaged.

How to use!!!

All of the creams above are used the same way, a way that is kind of self explanatory.
Wipe clean the area affected and massage in the appropriate amount of nappy Rash cream of your choice. Ensuring full coverage!

The Results!!!

Unlike how to use the creams, the results are different. But, please remember, each child is different and each result is individual. What works for my daughter may not work for yours.

Bepanthen is a good product and a product I’d use again. It creates a great coverage but I’ve noticed with my daughter continued use leads to her nappy Rash becoming inflamed and bleeding. It’s quite off putting. Funnily, Sudocrem did the same thing to my son. I share this to illustrate that each result is different. The best thing about Bepanthen is it takes very little to cover an affected area. It’s thin and doesn’t make our children uncomfortable while wearing it.

Sudocrem is the product that my daughter gets slathered in and its results are almost immediate. It’s thick structure allows for great coverage and wearability. However, recently she had a horrible nappy Rash that Sudocrem just couldn’t kick. It’s was incredibly red and itchy, I feared it would need doctor interference. See even my favourite product isn’t fool proof. Sudocrem also has the issue of sticking to your hands and everything else it touches. White dusty imprints everywhere. Rather funny when you get butt cheek imprints on the couch. 🙃don’t fear it’s easy to clean up!

Curash is great for sensitive skins and as it turns out quite helpful when fighting of a Rash that laughed in Sudocrem’s face. Curash earns itself a lot of respect for that! My baby was in constant discomfort until I used it, within two hours of the first application what was a horrid brown-red Rash with white pustules and a terrifying itch was now just a mild pink mark. The white lumps were still prominent but even they were shifted within the first 24hrs of treatment. By the second day of Curash application the Rash turned to a small pink Rash and the itch was a horrible memory. Finally, the house got some solid sleep!

Dermaveen, now I’ll admit dermaveen was at a disadvantage. Once Curash dealt with the big Rash, I kind of kept up the use. But then Curash stopped working. Or maybe because of the hot weather my baby was just cursed to have nappy Rash repeat. Thankful this time it was just the normal red Rash. Curash couldn’t kick this one. So Dermaveen got a shot. It worked well but it took a long time to do so. What Sudocrem and even Bepanthen could’ve kicked in 12 hours took Dermaveen 24-48 hrs. But, it left my baby with lovely soft skin. Even my hands felt great afterwards. So while Dermaveen is a very good product it is slow to work. But who knows that just might be why her skin was so soft and healthy looking afterwards. I used Dermaveen on every nappy change for a week after that and nappy Rash has yet to return. Coincidence? Perhaps, or maybe Dermaveen is just that good.

Where Can I Get One?

These products and many more are available at your Local grocery stores and chemists. More than likely you’ve also received some of these products in baby gifts.
It’s a bit of a trial game when it comes to what works so don’t be put off by them.

Would I recommend?

Yes, all of these products are useful and as a parent your going to need them readily available to you

I am in no way affiliated with these brands, the above are based on my opinions, experience and research.

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