Younique Mascara, Wow!

I’ve always tried to be honest, it’s always been important to me!
It became especially important to me when I started this blog. I knew that if I wasn’t honest and open. Absolutely and completely  transparent that my word and your faith would be wasted!

Not only have I always tried to be honest I never wanted to “Flog” a product or experience to you. My aim has always been to share and inform. So for months I’ve battled with myself and debated wether I should share some Younique Products with you! I don’t want you to think that they are getting reviewed simply because I want to make a sale.

I love them it really is that simple!
So, I’ve decided that it was stupid to not post about these products.

I’m not begging you to buy them, I’m not forcing you to read about it. But the are products that I have come to love!!!

This post was not sponsored by Younique as always this post has been put together using my experiences and research. I have not been paid to Blog this product.

Please note that buying products from the link provided is will result in earning Myself commissions as I am a Younique Presenter.

So without further ado I want to introduce to you

Younique’s 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara.

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara Transplanting Gel + Fibres
Younique 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara – Transplanting Gel and Fibres

I joined Younique back in October and with my kit I received a 3D fibre Lashes+ Mascara.

Now I’ll be straight with you I just wanted the awesome box that the products came in(which has since become better). I had never used or heard of Younique until my best friend showed me her Presenters Kit!
I was also extremely happy with my Mascara as I didn’t really wear a whole lot of makeup. I love the stuff but never saw a need.(I’m a stay at home mum with limited resources and no social life.)

So the kit arrived and I was excited. All these new things to try. But, I narrowed in on the Mascara. I thought “Why would this be better then the ten I already have?” Did I mention that I hoard make up🙃.

So I tried it and ……… I loved it!!!!!

About the Product!!

The Mascara is a three step process which I’ll explain below! But it leaves your eyelashes looking and feeling great! I know… weird statement. It’s true though. This Mascara can be used to, both, add length and Volume! All for $38 AUD!!!

Younique Moodstruck 3D fibre Lashes+ Mascara (phew…. mouth full) have four (4) advanced polymers to provide the ultimate level of adhesion, Moisturising and conditioning. This is in the transplanting gel, which also contains Pro Vitamin B5(Moisturise) and Vitamin E(Nourish hair and skin) and the antioxidant Chamomilla Flower Extract.

Now the cool part in the fibres….. “What?” You say, “fibres and Transplanting Gel? What is this witchcraft?”

Lol, don’t worry we’ll get to that!

But the fibres are Nylon fibres that dry and adhere quickly to the Transplanting Gel without absorbing it to give you a smoother and cleaner look. And it’s sooo easy to apply. The fibres are formulated with Squalene and CoQ10 to once again condition, moisturise, and fortify your eyelashes.

How to use!!

As I said earlier, Fibre Lashes+ Mascara is a three step process
Step one! Apply a coating of the Transplanting Gel.

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes Transplanting Gel
Transplanting Gel

Second Step! Apply the fibres. Be careful with this step if you don’t remove the loose fibres they will end up in your eyes.

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes - Fibres
Fibre Lashes

Step Three! Seal the Fibres with a second coat of the Transplanting Gel.

Do make sure you cover every Lash with the Gel and fibres. Also the more applications of Gel you apply the more Volume you add to your lashes.

Volume – To add Volume to your lashes cover the full length of the Lash with Gel and fibres. One coating can give you 500% increase in volume.

Length – To add length just add the fibres from the middle of the Lash strand working away from the eye!

The Results!!!

Ohh the big one….. does this product actually work and is it worth it. OMG yes it is!

I was originally scared of the effort…. I mean three steps instead of the swipe and run I usually do.

It’s no longer an issue, after a few tries I can now place my 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara in the same time frame as my other Mascaras and I’ll get a cleaner look every time.

I’ve found that Mascara tends to get clunky and gooey the more you apply it. So unfortunately if it’s not perfect the first couple of times it just gets worse.
But with Fibre Lashes the coating of Transplanting Gel after you apply the fibres always brings the look together and the fibres under control.

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara
Just one coat of 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara

Where can I get one???

Younique is a home Parties company. In saying that you can find a Younique Presenter.. like myself..all around as there are a huge amount of Presenters World Wide. Or you can Google Younique and go from there.

Below is the link to my Younique page.

Would I recommend This???

Well yes actually I would!! It’s a great product that has fantastic results, it’s easy to use and it has lasting wear. As well as lasting a long time between repurchase.



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