It’s okay to feel like a failure!

No mother, hell no person, has ever succeeded the first time. It’s the human condition that you will always make mistakes. You will always fail and you will always be hurt. There is nothing in life that isn’t worth all of those feelings.

As a mother most days feel like I’m failing because, like many moms, I sit there and compare myself to celebrity mums, mum friends, and parenting gurus. And with every comparison I feel less equipped to handle mother hood. On the flip side I compare myself to mothers that actually fail and feel like a super mum.

But generally its failure I feel. I mean on my Facebook I have so many mothers that have regular get togethers with other mums and there is nothing but smiles. I have mums that write about there children, even when the misbehave, in such a way that it feels like they have endless patience and limitless happiness no matter the situation, I have mums that have full time jobs, never miss the gym, and never miss school activities. There’s mums that do crafts regularly with their kids, or go camping and traveling all the time. I have mums that are constantly sharing there new DIY projects that look as good as the ones on Pinterest and I feel inadequate.

I tell myself that it isn’t healthy to compare myself to these women but I can’t help it. They are super mums and I am me.

Now, I love being a mum. I love having my babies and I love sharing them. But, I don’t go out a lot. I don’t go shopping for anything that’s not food related. I don’t have regular get togethers with other mummies, I don’t work, and I don’t have kids that want to do crafts. My oldest is at school all day and my youngest is best friends with Peppa Pig and Dora.

All of that is ok

My kids are creative kids with large imaginations. My kids are independent but still know that they can ask for help. My kids love books, even if only one can read (the other is two). They eat and love their fruits and vegetables. They are gentle and kind and they have attitudes to rival most sixteen year olds. My kids love the outdoors as much as they love the TV.

When I think about my kids I know that they will do exactly what the want to do with their lives. Because they sure as hell love doing exactly what they want now.

So I’m ok being a failure as a mum because so far my kids are winning!


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