How To Care For Your New Tattoo: A love letter to Baimeni.

*no affiliation links just a deep appreciation for the products. The only link is to the Baimeni website for your convenience.
Baimeni's HBBL.jpg
The Best Body Lotion ever!!


Sitting here newly embraced by the tantalizing scent of Baimeni’s Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion and I can’t help but feel relaxed and wow’d.

But, why am I writing about this particular lotion, you ask? Well, this beauty was added to my skincare regime all because of my new tattoo.  (Since this is a rewrite! Thanks to cloud storage 😢my tattoo is now months older)

It took me a few days to work up the courage to use the Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion. Ever since my tattoo had healed I have been using the honey face mask and facial cleanser as a way to maintain my tattoos integrity and the health of my skin. This tattoo has been hard enough to keep nice with my body reacting quite harshly to getting it done. Never known me to bleed so profusely when getting a tattoo. Thankfully I was blessed with a pretty awesome artist.

But back to the lotion, YOU NEED THIS LOTION. Quite simply it won’t fail you! It hasn’t failed me. My tattoo (scars and all because you know, 💁 bad reactions) is so incredibly soft and supple. My artist even comments on how much easier it will be to retouch my tattoo since I am keeping the scarring minimal. Because that is what this lotion has done.

Below is a picture of my tattoo you can see how badly my skin and body have taken to it. Seriously, I think I’ve given more blood to this tattoo then the blood donations I have made.

Alice sleeve
The Scarring from bad reactions and an unfortunate infection.


So, I really needed a good lotion. One that works every time. I know what your thinking there are heaps of lotions that work. I appreciate the thought and trust me I tried a few from well-named brands from chemists and grocery stores, brands that people have shared with me that are way above my affordability range, to the body shop, and even letting my skin take care of its self. Which it does quite well. And while most of those lotions worked nicely especially to the non-scared area. In my experience, nothing even came close to what Baimeni’s did. The scarring was the target area and it out worked every single competitor.

All the scars in my tattoo feel as soft as the surrounding skin and not once did I develop a reaction of any sort. One particular lotion caused my tattoo to itch and raise, never comfortable. Another left my skin dry if I didn’t use it often enough. This, in particular, concerns me because I like letting my skin maintain its self rather than becoming dependent on something.  But, Bameni (insert satisfied and love filled sigh here) didn’t dry out my skin when I stopped using it, I didn’t develop an itch, no rashes, nothing but beautiful skin and great tattoo colouring. Even now (i haven’t used the lotion for a week) my scars are soft and I credit Baimeni. I’ll admit I’ve started using the lotion on my C-section scars now because of how it treated my tattoo.

Baimeni’s Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion and the Honey Face Mask and Facial Cleanser have carved an invaluable position in my skincare and are top in my tattoo care. I wish I had used this combination since the start. You can be sure I’ll be using them for the remainder of this tattoo and probably for my next tattoos. You know, unless Baimeni is looking into developing a long-term tattoo care range because I’m all for that.😍

I will, however, mention that you really need to take care when dealing with your tattoo as an open wound I would not use anything that isn’t wound care on it until its fully healed (7-14 days depending on your rate of healing and tattoo particulars) but afterwards I really do recommend trying Baimeni.

By now you’ve probably realised I adore all things Baimeni. And not to gush (any harder) but Jennifer and everyone involved with Baimeni have created a magical world of affordable skincare that works for you and your wallet. I mean really you can’t beat that. But don’t take my word as gospel go out and try it.

❤ Taominx



This post was a product of love and personal experience. In no way do I get preferential treatment from the company or anyone involved with the company. All products were bought for me and by me. I have not accepted any payment or product in exchange for this post.


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