10 Crazy Things I did when I was Pregnant.


Ah yes, that time when you are overwhelmed with good wishes and helpful…… friends. When you’ve spent months and months dreaming of how great you will look and feel. Only to find out that pregnancy tends to bring out the crazy… in EVERYONE!

So the baby is all snug in your womb and you and daddy are over the moon (:

You decide to keep it a secret and you plan how you’re going to tell your family, friends, practically anyone!

What you don’t know about and nobody has ever told you about is those crazy dreams, actions, and feelings that take over your otherwise normal emotional and mental states.

What I was never told that growing a baby really means your inner witch (I felt like Sarah with Winifred’s attitude) comes out to play…

(Okay, so you don’t want to eat them but seriously every child captures your eye and every baby is in need of big cuddles and snuggles, obviously!)

Anyway to the crazy


I got angry at my husband and refused to talk to him for a full day because of a dream (I “Pheobe’d” him). The dream its self-was pretty crazy with ex-girlfriends and fights with my dad. (This happened often)


I lost my shoes for three days (the only pair that felt comfortable enough to wear). I found them in the freezer?! Like what?


I ate nothing but oranges, carrots and bread (for bub 1) and zinger burgers (bub 2). Can’t beat those cravings right 🙂


I cried watching Hot Shots. The ridiculous movie to cry over. Seriously, I laughed at Titanic because everything seemed hilariously over the top then cried during Hot Shots. Let’s hope it was a delayed response and not a true break in mental capacity.


I developed a love for my husband’s clothes. I stole, wore and stretched his shirts and jumpers (in particular his hoody) because they were comfy. My clothes weren’t.


I couldn’t handle the smell of vanilla.

It’s vanilla one of the most bearable scents in the world and I couldn’t stomach it with bub number 2. I love it now and before falling pregnant. But, At that time it was bound to bring about nausea and vomit.


I slept for an entire day and then failed to sleep for the rest of the week except 20-30min naps in the morning. Yay, that was fun.


I developed a need to uncover my stomach (bub 2) because clothes felt itchy and restricting. Going into public was awful.


I developed an interesting response to the weather. During the summer months, I needed an extra blanket and complained when my husband turned the heater off. This is crazy because we live in outback Australia where the temperatures reach over 40 degrees Celsius most days and we see nights of around 36 degrees. During the winter I needed the air cooler on because I was too hot. (Both bubs were winter babies). Pretty sure hubby was contemplating moving out or kicking me outside.


I left my car to have a lunch date with hubby. Nice right? Well, what I also left was the keys in the ignition and the driver’s door open. Thankfully hubby saw this and sorted everything out.

What about you? What crazy things did you do?

❤ Taominx

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