How to Succeed as a Blogger

Are you like me?

Have you searchedHow to Become a Successful Blogger?” so many times that the second “how” or “Blog” hits your search bar autofill takes over? Have you thought to yourself, “hell, this will be easy!”?

Have you seen all these people advertise how they make 6-figure salaries just by blogging and figure I could do that too? Yet you can’t seem to figure out how?

Here’s the secret. Blogs, Affiliates, selling a workshop, sponsored posts, Merch (let’s not forget the Merch :), etc. All viable! All great ways to make money! And that’s the combo you need to get those six-figure incomes.

Oh Yes, I’ll admit it, I am terribly jealous of those bloggers because no matter how hard I try, and if you are a follower, you know that’s fragmented and half-assed at best. I cannot seem to break into blogging for money. It’s effortless to fall into a judgy, whiney mess of a blogger and complain that I will never be as “good” as them because I don’t have the skills. I don’t want to be that person, so I’ll own it. I. DON’T. TRY. HARD. ENOUGH! Something I hope to change, BTW.

There, I feel better! Now, Back on point…

So this post is more of a “Taominx’s guide on what NOT to do to become a successful Blogger” rather than “Taominx’s sure-fire way to succeed in the blog life”. If there is one thing I know how to do, it’s how to fail at this.


STOP! Thinking it will be an easy, part-time, occasional gig. It’s not! (ah whoops)

Blogging takes hard work, skill, and research.

Now, you can have a successful blog and post sporadically. If your post subject is relevant and quality. So don’t think you have to post twice a week or every day. A well written, edited, relevant, thought out, and highly researched post. (Again, something I’ll work on) will garner a lot more attention to your blog than posting every day.

Quality over quantity and all that jazzy splash.

This is probably the most challenging part for me. Being a working mum and student has definitely cut into my creative and productive time and beat down my desire to work on my blog. But that’s still an excuse. I don’t put the time or effort into my little blog that it deserves. That my potential audience deserves, and I’m lacking passion and drive. It’s hindering my success as a blogger.

That leads us to point two.


Do not jump into blogging without a plan or direction.

“Failure to plan is planning to fail,” (love me a great quote)

I thought to myself, “I’ll write about beauty and baby products” (enter hysterical laugh here)

Yeah, that was a mistake.

I assumed it would be easy, that the blogs will basically write themselves.

Yeah… Not so much.

Why did I ever think that writing a blog about beauty products would create a love for the industry in me? I don’t know…

Seriously, I’m the bare-faced, fashion stunted mum with very little desire to follow beauty trends. Beauty blogging was not the way for me.

Break down what you want out of blogging, what topics you would find most engaging, what kind of audience you want, how far you want to take it. Don’t assume these things will come to you as you post. Having no goals in place will see you floundering.

So, my advice, please, please plan. I want you to succeed!



Be yourself!

The best response to a post I have ever had was a post where I was entirely myself. It was written in about 20 minutes, and it still makes me happy to read.

I developed this semi-professional cold approach to blogging. Probably because I wasn’t writing about things I enjoyed on an emotional level. Blogging is a personal experience had in the public realm. People want to connect. So do it… Connect. Create a community of like-minded people that challenge and support you and each other. Evolve together, and you will find success. Even if it’s slow going.


Build your space!

You will need it! A room, a desk, a lamp and some quiet. There’s nothing like being constantly called away when you’re trying to get some work done to kill that blogging feeling. You won’t get anything done; you’ll just become stressed and angry, and you will give up. Make yourself a blogging space so you can be your productive best.


Failure is imminent, but don’t let it become a regret.

You will fail… We all have. But your strength lies in turning that failure into a win. My loss was born from not applying to or shutting myself down to the massive possibilities waiting in the blogging world. I was asked about being a guest blogger, and instead of jumping at the chance even if I failed…

Well, it freaked me out (awful anxiety and second-guessing) so badly I even neglected to contact the person who approached me and let them down easily. I completely blanked them. I regret that to this day. It was awful and unprofessional. So, I’ll take three seconds to apologise to them right now.

I am sorry, so very truly sorry, and if I could get that chance again, I would take it.

Back on point, failure isn’t the end. I know it is easy for me to sit here and tell you to take that proverbial bull by the horns and make it your bitch, but you (and I, for that matter) need to take that chance even if we break our bones in the process. Take that affiliate link and share the crap out of it, try that sponsored post thing, write that short e-course or e-book if you want but take those risks. Put you and your blog out there and get that attention.

Apparently, it is worth it. Want to try? 🙂



Fall in love with blogging.

I see my blog, and I love it, but the lack of “success” holds me back. So, love your blog even when you’re not getting the follows, the statistics or the cash flow. Blogging has to become a labour of love before it can become a cash cow. I now understand better than before if I love my blog and my posts to the point that I can ignore the hate and lack of interest. If I love my little space in the blogging sphere, it will begin to grow some fantastic opportunities and get some attention.

Let’s face it, not everyone loves a garden until spring arrives and those flowers bloom. That’s when that little garden gets the attention it deserves.

Now go out, and someday I hope to see you succeed where I have failed. I want to be like you one day!



I wrote this post from personal experience and does not guarantee success. We are all learning this business, and what works for others won’t always work for you.

13 thoughts on “How to Succeed as a Blogger

  1. Ok I admit, I was expecting to read “this is how to”, Thank You for being up front. I am personally tire of “This is how I made $” . Most Times, it’s some bull about some school that only in some other place that I never heard of before. At least if they would say “I’m from planet X & met Captian Kerk”, that be some fun, Right! LOLOLOL. I enjoyed your honesty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I believe in transparency. I always wanted to read a blog that shared the struggles and the mistakes and not just told me to follow steps. It always helps, in my opinion, to offer genuine insights from an experience had rather than a quick formula. Who knows maybe my words can help someone else or at least create a bond of unity.
      Thanks again for reading even if you were expecting the same old blog post from a different blogger


  2. Love this. I just started blogging and I don’t even want to share my blogs on social media because I love how open I am on there so far! I feel like if I start to focus on success and sharing and if people are reading or not, I’ll hold back and start to mold my blog into someone I’m not!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you took the time to read. I read your blog, I can relate. Just take the time to get comfortable in your blogging skin, once your comfortable push your limits. Blogging is great fun.
      I wish you luck and success.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I laughed and nodded all the way through this. I love your style of saying how it is. I’m in the midst of reigniting my passion and finding why I was blogging in the first place, trying to work out if the blogs I have half written are appropriate for where I am now. Thanks for giving me that breath of fresh air reality!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m so glad I could make you laugh. I’m trying to keep the “me” voice going in my blogs. I never expected this much response from this blog I’m blown away.

      Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg yes!
    This is exactly how I feel
    I literally started a blog just a few days ago, and I wrote a post today called the thing about Jellyfish, and I was being completly me. Better still, in less than 1 hour I got 2 likes.
    I’ve never really thought about having a blog, but I’m already hooked.
    I know I’m not gonna get followers straight away, but I am really grateful for people like you who are upfront about how they feel.


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