A Journey of Healing

Before the world went nuts, before it changed irreconcilably. I was on a journey of self-discovery. I was looking at myself and my world trying to figure out why I acted, re-acted and thought the way I did. I got extraordinarily little out of the journey that first year. I changed a lot, put onContinue reading “A Journey of Healing”

How To Care For Your New Tattoo: A love letter to Baimeni.

*no affiliation links just a deep appreciation for the products. The only link is to the Baimeni website for your convenience.   Sitting here newly embraced by the tantalizing scent of Baimeni’s Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion and I can’t help but feel relaxed and wow’d. But, why am I writing about this particular lotion, youContinue reading “How To Care For Your New Tattoo: A love letter to Baimeni.”


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Hi, I’m Kristy. Also known on various platforms as Taominx. I was a mother before I knew what life could offer. I am now a middle aged mum, finding her way through what life has to offer. Join me in my adventures through life, travels, motherhood, wifedom, and self-discovery.

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