Me and Miss Tay: About me!

Hi 🤗

I’m Taominx and I want to share a little bit about myself.

So I’m a mum of two, a wife, a student, a blogger, a Fashion Director with Park Lane Jewellery, and a Younique Presenter.

I seem so busy and yet I don’t seem to be busy at all. I still, somehow, manage to find time to read and play video games. But, I’m not perfect. Plenty of times I’ve been so caught up in my story or my games that everything else seems to take a back burner and I forget to complete important tasks. What’s a girl to do?

I’m still doing my Double Diploma in Management and leadership and Business Administration. As well as my Certificate four in Professional Writing and editing. I still find them to be challenging and it feels amazing to get to work. I’m finding that working with Park Lane Jewellery and Younique are giving me a great foundation for my studies. I’m often asked in my assessments to think back to Challenges in the workplace and create a “fix” for the situation. It’s so much easier when you have a current frame of reference.

My kids are my life! They are amazing, my little one is 18 months old now and has an attitude to15-year-old. I blame my husband! He wanted a little girl……not that I don’t love and worship everything about my IVF miracle. Boys are. Just easier! They are easier to buy for, to play with, and to help grow. Little girls only want to be around you….. ALWAYS! Doesn’t matter the what-where-why you are doing something. They just always have to be there. It’s not all bad! I love watching my little girl giggle when the dress she’s wearing fans out around her when she twirls, and I love that she watches me so intently when I’m putting on makeup or doing my hair. I really love that she wants to do the same thing as me. I, of course, don’t put makeup on her, but, I still let her think I do by sweeping the cleaned brushes across her eyes and cheeks. Adding a bit of lip balm to her drool covered lips. She always smiles so large and runs off to show her daddy and big brother.

My son is a different ball game……or maybe just the other team in the game. Either way is simple to look after and watch grow. He always has been. He was always content to play by himself. He was always great at creating something out of nothing. His imagination has always been his strongest attribute. However,  I’ve always known he had mental limitations, at least, mental challenges. Turns out I was right. He was diagnosed with level two Autism. More commonly known as Aspergers. It hasn’t stopped him, even if he plays it to his advantage sometimes. It’s never so frustrating to see my son play the “but I have a disability so I can’t do it” card. He knows it doesn’t fly with me so he won’t try it! He won’t naturally be anything like a rocket scientist. But he will be a fully functioning member of society. He understands the value of a dollar. He understands the value of working for a living. He knows that if you love something you give it your all and that makes me prouder than hell!

My husband works as a bar steward in a local club, he’s been the for ten years now. He’s a great father but misses a lot because of the hours he works but he makes us all smile and we are all proud of him. He try’s his hardest to give us a life that’s brilliant and full. We have known each other since I was 15. Half my life I’ve known him and he still surprises me. We didn’t get together until I was seventeen but those few years between he was my best friend. He always had my back and always supported and protected me. He still is my best friend and as much as I love him as a partner he will always be my best friend first and I’ll always be his. We are constantly playing around and making fun of each other and best of all we always make our friend cringe with our sickly cute affections. We have been married only four years and as much as I hated my wedding day I have never regretted becoming his wife.

I suppose I could tell you some other things like my favourite colour, or my favourite movie, or even my favourite vacation spot. But they change so often that anything I put down today might be obsolete tomorrow. But. I can share with you that I’m in love with my new car (thanks, hubby 😍) I drive a 2016 Nissan X-trail ST. It’s beautiful and roomy, drives smooth and quiet and OMG loving the keyless entry and start as well as the cruise control. It has power windows and syncs up, via Bluetooth or via USB, to my phone so I have music no matter where I am. It has hands free and the air conditioner works a treat. That last one is so important where I live as we generally face temperatures of 35 degrees (Celsius) and up!

I can also share the challenge of losing weight. It’s a new thing but I want to rock a Bikini by December. This year I also have some exciting things coming up but I don’t want to share them just yet! Hopefully, it will be incredibly awesome.



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In my future I would love to see my blog become a favourite of women everywhere, I wish to share products that appeal to all women of all ages. If you have a product you would love to see on this blog just contact me with the details.

I hope that I gain the momentum to help raise and promote beauty and bub brands and bring them to a wider audience. Please feel free to share my blog and tell our friends all about  Mum & Bub Beauty By Taominx



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